Current financial status

Durbanville Children's Home cares for 144 children. An amount of R5 000 is needed per child per month of which the government only subsidises R2 177. Therefore the Home’s marketing team needs to raise R5 million in order to survive.

The following is an outline of our annual expenditure:

Food and clothing
These include three balanced meals per day and take continuous donations of food products, for which we are very grateful into account. Without these donations, food costs would be much higher.
R 959 000
Therapeutic services               
This amount is completely insufficient and the need is much greater than the Home can cover given financial constraints.
R 518 400
Children at the Home attend 26 different schools in order to adequately meet their individual scholastic needs. The maintenance of vehicles, insurance, driver’s licences and driving permits are included in this amount.
R 360 900
Electricity, water and administrative expenditure R 760 660
Healthcare services R 300 000
Maintenance of buildings, gardens, etc. R 544 320
Education and cultural programmes and activities R 402 000
Further studies for children R 90 000
Salaries R 4 705 344
Total expenditure    R 8 640 624
Government subsidy R 4 877 987
Deficit R 3 762 637
Deficit per child per month R 2 177