More and more international companies are getting involved with charity organisations such as Durbanville Children’s Home in an effort to contribute to the South African developmental agenda. They do this by ensuring the continuation of programmes that empower less privileged children to reach for a better future.

There are several ways in which businesses, both big and small, can get involved and make Durbanville Children’s Home a part of their social responsibility programmes.

Staff contributions

Companies can challenge their staff to make a monthly donation to Durbanville Children's Home and those donations can be matched by management.

Tin project

Durbanville Children’s Home branded tins can be circulated throughout the various departments of a company in order to collect either small change or departmental fines.


Staff can donate unwanted items of clothing and children's toys from their homes.

Direct mail

A company can make its contact database available to Durbanville Children’s Home for once-off use in sending a direct appeal for donations. The letter of appeal can be tailored to make the company’s customers aware of its social responsibility to invest in the Home.

Work at the Home for a day

A company’s staff can assist Durbanville Children’s Home by doing maintenance or administrative tasks at the Home.

Bequests and trusts

Durbanville Children's Home bequest leaflets can be circulated among employees for their consideration.

For more information, contact Johanna Strauss at +27 (0)21 975 6822 or email