A New Journey has Begun…

We want to thank you for your kind donation. Through your assistance, we are able to create an environment in which vulnerable children can reach their full potential. I am proudly sharing the following story with you.


A New Journey has Begun…


I see how proudly he stands next to his Corsa Lite, as he shows us his first vehicle, which he purchased with “my eie geld Tannie!” Today Tim drove off the Children’s Home grounds as young independent man, a very different person to the young, shy and scared boy he was when he first entered our gates. “Dit is nogal moeilik daar buite” he shares as he is faced with the reality that beyond the safety gate of the Children’s Home lies a world that isn’t always kind. Tim is now a qualified plumber and found employment in a small town nearby. Tim shares with us that he misses the Children’s Home and appreciates the education and opportunities he was given. He reflects on the period he stayed in the LILI House (our bridging home for children to reintegrate into community after they reach the age of 18yrs) sharing some laughter and giggles, which made me wonder about all they got up to! But at the same time I was reminded that all of us have a period in our lives where we had to leave the nest, and yes we sometimes also caught on nonsense, but we had the safety of our parent’s home to go back to. Tim came back here.


Tim has fond memories of his time here and wanted to ground himself for a few more hours before leaving for his new home. In his journey with us, he was able to relocate his mom and strengthen bonds with other family members, he was taught skills to deal with bullies and that telling the truth is always best. Tim has taken those skills and developed himself into a young man, any parent would be proud of. He waves goodbye as he drives out of the gates for one last time. Our job is done.


Many thanks again.

Alicia van Vuuren

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