Meet Our Team

The Home is run by a dedicated management board and a knowledgeable and creative team of professional staff with the necessary experience and ability to develop, implement, evaluate and sustain innovative programmes that are tailored to the individual needs of the children.


The staff consists of 57 permanent staff members, 3 interns, 30 full-time foreign volunteers and 47 local volunteers, some of whom working shifts to render a 24-hour service. Staff training and supervision are done regularly. The Children’s Home utilises a multi professional team to focus on the best interest of the child. The Home believes in networking with a variety of forums and organisations.


Manager: Durbanville Children’s Home
Johanna Strauss

Manager: Finances and Human Resources
Virginia Metelo-Liquito

Manager: Logistics and Support services
Jenny van Eyssen

Manager: Marketing & PR
Louise Coetzee

Manager: Volunteers
Yvonne Mathieson

Manager: Care Services & Social Worker
Rachelle Michelin

Our Patrons

Hanlie Retief
Soli Philander
Ramey Short
Neels van Jaarsveld
Martelize Brink
Izak de Vries

Office Staff

Social Worker
Magdalena Koch

Social Worker
Charnell Andrew

Social Worker
Helen Williams

Coordinator: Child and Youth Care
Jenilee Samson

Coordinator: Child and Youth Care
Crystal Fielding

Coordinator: Child and Youth Care
Duwayne Williams

Coordinator: Programs
Shanee Witbooi

Coordinator: Education
Chrizelle Visser

Coordinator: Campaigns & Fundraising
Melanie Stipp

Occupational Therapist
Chané Kotze

Remedial Teacher
Saskia Urtel

Our Board

Chairperson: Mrs L. Lennox
Vice-chairperson: Mr F.J. Agenbach, Chairperson: Financial Committee
Chairperson: Buildings and Properties Committee: Niel du Pisani
Chairperson: Professional Services Committee: Mrs L. Lennox
Chairperson: Staff Committee: Chantal Michaels
Chairperson: Marketing and Development: Mrs C Michaels
Chairperson: Spiritual Care Committee: Dr T. van Zyl
Manager: Durbanville Children’s Home: Mr J Slabbert


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