Books & Charity Shop


The Durbanville Children’s Home Charity shop is situated on the premises of the Home and sells a wide variety of pre-loved clothes, shoes and jewellery, as well as bric-n-brac and other interesting finds at affordable prices.


Opening hours:

Tuesday until Friday: 11:00–15:00

Saturday: 10:00–12:30


We welcome donations of adult clothing and shoes, as well as any household items that we can use to re-sell in our Charity shop. Our children currently attend 39 different schools and the income generated from the Charity shop go towards school clothing for our children.



Books galore!


The Durbanville Children’s Home raises funds through its quality book sales every Thursday morning from 10:00-13:00 and on the first Saturday of every month from 09:00-14:00.


Book lovers and bargain hunters can stock up at very reasonable prices. There are books for children and adults in Afrikaans and English. Categories include cookery, crafts, gardening, study guides, classics, Africana, textbooks, encyclopaedias and many more. Magazines titles vary monthly. National Geographic magazines can also be found in the shop. Puzzles, games & videos are available at giveaway prices.

Be sure to visit us for the very popular R2 book sale every last Thursday of each month. The sale takes place from 10:00–17:00. Good books are sold at good prices.


Donations of books and/or magazines in good condition are welcome. A library for the 144 children living at the Children’s Home is firstly stocked from these donations. The income generated from the Bookshop go towards school textbooks for our children.


For more information, please contact Johanna Strauss at or on 021 975 6822.