We believe that education gives vulnerable children the opportunity to overcome restrictions of poverty because it is a fundamental step to freedom.


We are one of the first Child and Youth Care Centres to offer a holistic Education program. On entering the program at age 2, we offer ECD support followed by correct school placements, as well as occupational, remedial and homework support. On leaving our care, we offer support accommodation for 2 years whilst assisting our children to find employment and assist our children financially to study further at tertiary institutions.

Passion drives our effort and we have seen the following impact in 2019:

  • 144 children attend school on a regular basis
  • 8 of our 9-grade R learners advanced to grade1
  • 100% pass rate in matric
  • 5 student studying further at tertiary institutions
  • 4 children graduate from our bridging program and find employment
  • Low school dropout, on average 95% of our children complete their Schooling



Due to limited space in public school, our children are presently in 39 schools in and around Durbanville.

We need financial contributions, and donation of goods toward the following needs:
  • School clothes – (R109 000, 00 per year)
  • Transport to and from school and extra mural activities- (R255 000 per year)
  • Stationary and textbooks – (R73 000 per year)
  • Food parcels – (R244 000 per year)

Supporting this project can see corporates accumulating value BBEEE point and an 18A certificates. However more importantly, we as Child and Youth Care Centre and you as funders can present.

For more information contact Johanna Strauss at or call on 021 975 6822