Financial Contributions


The Durbanville Children’s Home receives a government subsidy of 30% and therefore relies heavily on donors for funds and donations.


The support and therapeutic services we provide are very labor-intensive which makes it very costly. Our children attend 33 different schools, which entails large transport costs. We also encourage our children to participate in extra-curricular activities as much as possible.


This means that it currently costs us R7 000 per month, per child. Durbanville Children’s Home guarantees that all money donated to us will directly benefit the 144 children in our care.


In order to make a donation at your bank or with an EFT, please make use of the details below:


Bank: Absa
Type of account: Cheque
Name: Durbanville Kinderhuis
Account no: 1410 290 983
Branch code: 632005
SWIFT: absazajj (for international payments)


Please supply full particulars for the issue of official receipts. Please specify initials, surname, and address and payment process: electronic or direct deposit or transfer.

Alternatively, please click here to make a donation using your credit card.

For your convenience, feel free to make use of our Zapper code.


Contact Johanna Strauss on 021 975 6822 for more information. Alternatively send an email to


Thank you for considering Durbanville Children’s Home for your donation.


Durbanville Children’s Home is a registered non-profit organisation, registration number 011-891, and a registered public benefit organisation, registration number 930006348.

In terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act all corporate donations made in South Africa are tax-deductible. Durbanville Children’s Home therefore issues an annual tax receipt to each person donating more than R100. South African donors can submit the receipt when completing their tax returns.


The Home is audited annually by:

Theron du Plessis (Chartered Accountants)
Bueno Vista Office Park, Corner of Durban Road and Kendal Street, Durbanville, 7550
Tel: 021 975 3737
Contact person: Mr Lambert Theron