Skills Development

Bridging program for young adults leaving our care

Our residential and therapeutic programme does not stop the day our young people turn 18 years of age as we have a holistic community bridging initiative in place. We believe that our children deserve every opportunity to succeed in life.

The bridging program is comprised of weekly life skills sessions, offered by a team of professionals, for grade 10 -12 learners. We offer young adults support accommodation for the 2 years after they leave our care. During the 2 years, they receive support in finding job shadowing, placement opportunities and in finding employment.

We also have a bursary program offering gifted students the opportunity to study further.




Through your involvement, you will be connected to one of our children and have the opportunity to get a glimpse into their lives.

  • Volunteers to mentor our children.
  • Corporates that offer internships and employment opportunities.
  • Non-Perishable food products.
  • Overhead cost of the Bridging House – R 1 500 000 per year.
  • Bursaries and financial support for students. We presently have three students, on average it costs R143 000 per student per year.

Supporting this project can see corporates accumulating value BBEEE point and an 18A certificates. However more importantly, a vulnerable child will be able to break the negative cycle he/she has been born into and have the necessary skills to live a fulfilled productive life and not become one of the crime statistics of South Africa.

For more information contact Johanna Strauss at or call on 021 975 6822.